Due to various debates and researches, you would have probably heard about the plant, Kratom. People are confused about the inclination it brings towards one’s body as they are not aware of whether it is harmful or a healer. So to clear all your worries and doubts here is a list of the wicked and ethical aspects of Kratom.



Yes, that’s right. Side effects do exist for the usage of Kratom, which ranges from tongue numbness to constipation and aggression. These are some of the common side effects found regularly in people involved with the massive consumption of these herbs. On the other hand, when an individual puts an end to such use, he/she will face diarrhea, watery eyes, and even a reduced appetite.

Double-sided Research


Research about Kratom has been double-sided as there are plenty of reports claiming them to be good and also plenty of them claiming to be wrong. So, who do we trust?


Like opium, Kratom activates the part of the brain responsible for enduring pain and is beneficial for it, thereby rewarding and making it as an addictive factor which should be a part of your daily diet.


A Healer:

Pain Relief

Despite popular belief, Kratom does seem to work for certain people as reports emerge by the day about how it caused the relief to people in pain. Apart from this, Kratom has also been suggested by many to be mood relief and something which reduces your levels of anxiety.

Alternative to Opioids

Research has also suggested that different types of drug addicts have claimed that Kratom has helped them to prevent the usage of drugs. Active users of heroin, fentanyl, etc. have said that they have entirely prevented themselves from using these drugs as they consumed Kratom once.

Depression and Diabetes

Users have claimed that Kratom boosts your energy levels in such a manner as it prevents depression and controls diabetes to a large extent. But these are claims by users and have not been actively tested yet.


Although it consists of a list of pros, it still has not been considered as an item of consumption for people who are pregnant, alcoholic, etc. A safe consumption limit has been set for Kratom beyond which people believe would cause adverse health effects on an individual. This is one of the main reasons why doctors do not always recommend Kratom to their patients, but when they do, they are sure to provide them with all necessary information relating to its risks and benefits. One must not blindly support anything without clinical evidence. Hence wait for researchers to come up with all the required information pertaining to Kratom through a series of tests before you go in for trying it.




The aspect of legality for Kratom has been an issue which people have been debating for a while now. With arguments arising about its benefits, people have been pushing for it to obtain a status of legality. But this campaign has not been successful, as it is legal only in a few states in the USA and illegal in the rest. So here are reasons why Kratom has not been able to get the tag of legality.

Research Indications

Apart from all aspects relating to its benefits, research has also indicated that it contains features which make them addictive with visible side effects. This is one of the main reasons why individual states have not taken a call for it to be legal. When it is being consumed in controlled quantities, they do not seem to possess a problem, but when an individual goes beyond the limit, he/she tends to become addictive.

Raging Debates

Officials have not yet taken a call on its legality as they seem to be confused about the plant. Debates regarding this often ends up with no proper conclusion as both sides seem to be suggesting valid points and opinions if one considers it to be beneficial for stress, then the other talks about the side effects. Scientists and researchers seem to be divided on this regard, hence the delay.


The Problem of an Overdose

For drugs to be legal, there arises a need for them to have safe symptoms or none of it. For example, Marijuana obtained legal status as it is not addictive, beneficial for medical purposes, and has zero side effects. On the other hand, Kratom lacks such properties, which makes it hard for authorities to come up with a decision. An overdose of Kratom brings in symptoms like Nausea, Hypertension, and Drowsiness.


Kratom is a plant which is mainly grown in parts of Southeast Asia and countries like Malaysia and Thailand. Due to its non-availability, this arises the need for importing it for usage in Western Countries. Authorities and regulators have not found this process to be soothing due to the various costs arising during this process.

The Long Term Effects

Although researchers and scientists have deemed Kratom to be safe in controlled quantities, they have not denied the possibility of long term effects arising from controlled consumption. People have reported sleep problems, constipation, and anorexia, even in controlled use. This has opened the door for numerous questions and debates. Doctors who suggest Kratom to their patients always make sure that they advise them about all the risks and benefits associated with it due to these problems. As consumption brings and increases the level of tolerance, the debates do not seem to be ending anytime soon.






Heated debates and arguments have warned users about the usage of Kratom, but that has not put a complete end to its usage as people continue to use it. Some of them use it due to their addictive purposes, whereas others use it as their doctors have advised it. So if your an individual who uses it, then here are some of the tips and warnings for your benefit.


Physical Qualities

Kratom affects people in different ways depending upon their body structure. The quantity of Kratom you consume must directly depend upon your height, weight, and age. Hence consult the right people before you begin its usage.

The Ladder

Specialists and consultants have always suggested that the usage of Kratom should be in a gradual process like that of climbing a ladder. You begin the usage in small quantities and build up later. Following this rule is essential as a drastic increase in consumption can cause adverse side effects. Hence climb the ladder and do not run.

Required Gaps

Consumption of Kratom should be carried out in regular intervals or gaps because your body takes time to remove them from your system. Following this process helps to keep your body at ease due to the various side effects for this herb. Hence consumption in gaps builds the required amount of tolerance.



Kratom may not be as bad as Heroin, but it is as addictive and can cause a handful of side effects. As they enter the brain, an individual tends to feel relief from pain, reduces stress, and other such uses. Due to all this, people tend to be addicted to these herbs, thereby consuming it every time they feel depressed or stressed out.

Increases Tolerance

When you first consume alcohol, you may get drunk within a few drinks, but later on, you require a couple of drinks to reach the same state of satisfaction. This phenomenon is common even in the case of Kratom. Initial consumption might be in fewer quantities which gives you a certain level of relief, but that consumption will only increase as your body builds a higher level of tolerance thereby forcing you to consume more the next time you take it.

High Chances of Overdose

Kratom has been consumed for numerous reasons. People use it as an alternative towards opioids, relief during stress, etc. All these reasons bring up a high chance for an overdose. This creates enormous problems for your well being as are not safe beyond a certain level. Nausea, Delusions, aggression, and hallucinations are some of the most commonly found symptoms of a Kratom overdose. Hence, the usage of any powerful drug or herb should be considered only after receiving a specific set of advice from your doctor or specialist

As an herb, Kratom is quite famous for various reasons. There exists a long list of pros and cons for this plant when it comes to its usage. Researchers and scientists have been successful in creating a varied menu of theories and suggestions for this plant as it has side effects and benefits which seem to be reasons for its usage and prevention. But despite all this, if you still are not aware of this herb, then here are the five things you should know about Kratom.

The Plant

Kratom is a plant which is known by scientists as Mitragyna Speciosa. These pants are commonly found in parts of Southeast Asia where it can be grown only during the tropical climate. Western countries mainly receive these plants from Thailand and Malaysia. The leaves of these trees have psychoactive properties, and they can be used in a variety of ways.

The Legality

One of the most frequently asked questions about Kratom is relating to its legality. Apart from a few states in America, it is legal in the rest of the country. But this may change soon as more people are pushing and calling for obtaining legal status for this plant, which they believe has a lot of benefits.

The Reason for Consumption

Once you understand the reasons for consumptions, you will completely understand its benefits and various advantages. People use Kratom for a specific set of reasons ranging from stress relief to even cure against depression and diabetes. During recent times, doctors have also suggested Kratom be perfect alternative against different types of opioids.

The Side-Effects

Despite its various uses, people have also found out a massive list of side effects occurring during times of usage and withdrawal. The side-effects range from numbness on the tongue, dry mouth, aggression, and constant urge to urinate. Due to al these reasons, certain people prefer to stop its consumption, but that in turn brings in a lot of withdrawal symptoms like muscle pain, diarrhea, and watery eyes.

The Addict

Yes, that’s right, Kratom is also known to have a lot of addictive properties. Tolerance levels and withdrawal symptoms are one of the main reasons why this herb is highly addictive. People who use it as an alternative for opioids tend to consume it in large quantities, which increases the level of tolerance in their system. On the other hand, there are numerous adverse health effects which arise from a Kratom overdose. People who went through an overdose of Kratom have reported symptoms of Nausea, Drowsiness, and Hypertension. Hence it is quite understandable that Kratom is a plant which has a lot of benefits mixed with a list of risks. So consultation before consumption is essential.