Due to various debates and researches, you would have probably heard about the plant, Kratom. People are confused about the inclination it brings towards one’s body as they are not aware of whether it is harmful or a healer. So to clear all your worries and doubts here is a list of the wicked and ethical aspects of Kratom.



Yes, that’s right. Side effects do exist for the usage of Kratom, which ranges from tongue numbness to constipation and aggression. These are some of the common side effects found regularly in people involved with the massive consumption of these herbs. On the other hand, when an individual puts an end to such use, he/she will face diarrhea, watery eyes, and even a reduced appetite.

Double-sided Research


Research about Kratom has been double-sided as there are plenty of reports claiming them to be good and also plenty of them claiming to be wrong. So, who do we trust?


Like opium, Kratom activates the part of the brain responsible for enduring pain and is beneficial for it, thereby rewarding and making it as an addictive factor which should be a part of your daily diet.


A Healer:

Pain Relief

Despite popular belief, Kratom does seem to work for certain people as reports emerge by the day about how it caused the relief to people in pain. Apart from this, Kratom has also been suggested by many to be mood relief and something which reduces your levels of anxiety.

Alternative to Opioids

Research has also suggested that different types of drug addicts have claimed that Kratom has helped them to prevent the usage of drugs. Active users of heroin, fentanyl, etc. have said that they have entirely prevented themselves from using these drugs as they consumed Kratom once.

Depression and Diabetes

Users have claimed that Kratom boosts your energy levels in such a manner as it prevents depression and controls diabetes to a large extent. But these are claims by users and have not been actively tested yet.


Although it consists of a list of pros, it still has not been considered as an item of consumption for people who are pregnant, alcoholic, etc. A safe consumption limit has been set for Kratom beyond which people believe would cause adverse health effects on an individual. This is one of the main reasons why doctors do not always recommend Kratom to their patients, but when they do, they are sure to provide them with all necessary information relating to its risks and benefits. One must not blindly support anything without clinical evidence. Hence wait for researchers to come up with all the required information pertaining to Kratom through a series of tests before you go in for trying it.





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