Kratom Legal Status

Kratom Legal Status

Kratom Legal StatusCurrently, Kratom is not scheduled under the Controlled Substance Act, but the DEA has placed Kratom on the watch list of Drugs and Chemicals of Concern. This means the future of kratoms legal status might be at risk.

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Federal Kratom Law

August 2013

Kratom legal status at the federal level.
Currently, there is no federal schedule or ban on kratom or any of its active alkaloids. This means all parts of the plant and any plant extracts are legal to harvest, purchace, carry, and sell/trade or give without a prescription or license. Although other US statues may apply (If sold as a supplement, sales must conform to U.S. supplement laws. If sold for consumption as a food or drug, sales are regulated by the FDA.)

State Kratom Law

Kratom legal status at the federal level. Kratom is currently legal in 48 states, although Massachusetts, Arizona, Vermont and Tennessee have some form of legislation pending.

States with confirmed ban on kratom:


Indiana passed a ban on the chemicals Mirtagynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in 2012, but the statute does not explicitly ban the raw plant kratom. Some vendors are choosing not to ship kratom to Indiana.
Read the full legislation here


As of May 31, 2012 Louisiana banned the sale of Mitragyna speciosa to minors. Read the full legislation here

Kratom Legal Status by State

Find your state below and click to see up to date information about the legal status of Kratom, including pending legislation as well as a list of all controlled substances in your state.

By Jason Frumkin

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